Suzy Kunkel

We bought some of your Crab flavored pretzels at the Harrisburg Beer Fest. Awesome! Anyway we took 1/4 of the bag and crushed them and dipped tilapia fillets sprayed with butter flavored cooking spray and fried them til nicely browned. OMG Wonderful. Will be doing that again!

Going Live

It has taken a lot, but the store and the site are live!

Any comments about the site or things that you all don’t think work right let us know in a comment!


You Name It!! Looking for something to spice up your meal? Whether it’s steak, burgers, pork or chicken, Dimms Original Spice is a fantastic addition!

We have 3 different sizes to choose from:

    • 1oz. Jar – $2.98
    • 3oz. Jar – $6.98
    • 1lb Bag  – $21.49

(Add an airtight container for $4.99 (holds exactly 1 lb.))


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